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How does IMGHaste work?

Our service will automatically detect the most suitable Image for your website
empowered by PWA tech.
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Image Optimization Features

Start working with
Get your images optimized & available in 500+ pops around the globe.
Not a single line of coding is required.
Our Image experts can help you optimize your website & mobile apps to the maximum.


World wide CDN for Your Images

Serving from 500+ Edge Servers worldwide provide a faster content delivery all over the world.


Easy To Use comes with a Plug & Play Service Worker. That will do all the work for your.


Automatic Transformations

WebP, Client Hints, Size reduction, Effective Connection Type, Progressive JPEGs, Interlaced PNGs and many more.


SEO & Performance

We will not use URL Rewrite on your end.
No over-charges from BOT traffic. No more 404 errors on your Images. You keep all benefits for your real users ONLY.


Client Hints

Serve your images at the right dimensions using the power of Client Hints.


Service Worker

With the power of Service Workers, we are able to offer you enterprise level solution for your website at the cost of $$.


Mobile views & Mobile apps is a different story.

Even if you already optimized everything for your Desktop views your mobile web or your mobile apps have totally different requirements.

  • Retina screens are no match for
  • Next Generation image types
  • Always serve just enough content and get your scores high.

No credit card required

We believe in making Internet a better place for everyone. If you want to be a part of this, register your free account now and start serving only the bare minimum required traffic to your users and let your website run faster through our resilient infrastructure.

Our Pricing

Register now and claim a coupon for 25.000 Image Optimization Credits.
No credit card required. But we will need to manual verify you own your website.

Basic - 2€

  • 1.000 Image credits
  • 5GB Backup storage
  • ~ 50k Unique Users
  • ~ 120k Page views
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  • 10.000 Image credits
  • 10GB Backup storage
  • ~ 200k Unique Users
  • ~ 480k Page views
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  • 25.000 Image credits
  • 25GB Backup storage
  • ~ 500k Unique Users
  • ~ 1.2M Page views
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  • 40.000 Image credits
  • 40GB Backup storage
  • ~ 800K Unique Users
  • ~ 1.9M Page views
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  • 60.000 Image credits
  • 100GB Backup storage
  • ~ 1M Unique Users
  • ~ 2.5M Page views
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  • 80.000 Image credits
  • 150GB Backup storage
  • ~ 1.3M Unique Users
  • ~ 3M Page views
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  • 140.000 Image credits
  • 500GB Backup storage
  • ~ 2.6M Unique Users
  • ~ 6M Page views
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At any scale  
  • Image credits
  • Backup storage
  • Custom Uptime SLA
  • Custom Support SLA
  • Named solution engineer

Our business model works with Unmetered bandwidth using Multi-CDN in more than 500+ worldwide locations when you request an image from our service it counts as an Image Optimization Credit.

Then your image is cached on the Nearest Location for 30 days and it will not be requested again.

Isn't that amazing? Every other image service would charge you using Bandwidth or pageviews / sessions We will only charge you once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Register your account with imghaste that can provide everything you need to create a Speed of Light website.

Yes, all plans comes with 1.000 Image Optimization Credits which is quite enough to run a fairly large website. You can upgrade anytime. We recommend trying to a single website, then leverage our consolidated billing to host unlimited websites. We do have lots of customers with even 5-10 websites on the Free Tier.

In our humble opinion Custom built websites is easier to integrate with imghaste since you don't have to consider any compatibility issues with other plugins (such as caching etc). Take a look at the Docs on how to integrate section, we also a Best Practices image section using Picture tags. You can also integrate via a Service Worker (which is the recommended way) as easy as installing a simple JS file.

Integration comes out of the box. All you need to do is change the domain name that you load your images. We provide you with a CloudSpace URL which will work as a Pull Origin CDN for your Website.
For example:

While most CDN / Image Services charge by bandwidth, our business model is based on image Image Optimization Credits.
For example if you resize one image 1000 times a day from the same location it counts as 1 transformation. From our experience customers that uses 100k transformation on a monthly basis is approximately ~50-60GB of bandwidth having ~2m images served.

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