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Looking for a ewww alternative?

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Look no further, imghaste is a high performance, feature-rich with affordable pricing and 100% customer satisfaction. Will fit 100% of your requirements and makes a perfect alternative to ewww.

Core Featuresimghasteewww
Platform Agnostic
Active Monitoring
Service Status Page
Disaster Recovery Plan
Real Time Fallback
Real Time Image Backups
Resizer Engineimghasteewww
AVIF Support
WebP Support
Interlaced PNG
Progressive JPEG
Supports Client Hints
Manual Resize
Automatic Resize
CDN Featuresimghasteewww
Peers with Global Networks5 (GLOBAL)1 (EU/US)
Total Edge Servers> 600
CSS files
Javascript Files
Additional Featuresimghasteewww
Progressive Web App
Service Worker Management
White label for b2c
White label for b2b
Cache images for 365 days
Free Tier1.000 credits
$20/m Tier100GB Traffic 800GB Traffic

What makes IMGHaste a great alternative to ewww

100% Customer Focus

Affordable pricing from small businesses to enterprise, Premium Support, Dedicated support engineer, Best practices sessions for your team. Our mission is to help you succeed.

Zero Downtime

Using a three fail-safe mechanism to ensure your assets are always available – from our very core infrastructure until your website visitor.


Warm up IMGHaste edge servers and enjoy lighting fast performance from our global infrastructure. Our team is dedicated to finding the optimal solution for your requirements.