Frequently Asked Questions uses multi CDN across the globe with a caching hit ratio of 98%. We only charge for the requests we receive in our cluster (the 2% remaining). We don't charge for any further images served by the CDN edge servers. For example, if you have 75.000 Image Optimization Credits available on your account, you can serve 25.000 master images in 3 different view port sizes. (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)

Integration is painless and simple as changing your the domain name of your images or Installing a plugin for your favorite CMS. Furthermore in case you have special requirements, our image experts are available to help you integrate seamlessly.

Definitely. You can cancel anytime no questions asked or cancellation fees applied.

Our support team is available via live chat at european working hours. We have experience in integrating to several systems and always happy to help.

Our infrastructure runs in multiple regions and multiple web servers that can scale to your needs. Although such requirements needs to be discussed with our team and we will create a tailored plan that fits best to your requirements. was designed and developed to serve images to every possible screen type. Mobile app, mobile web, Desktop fullHD or 4k TV screens is no challenge for imghaste. It can also reduce your Android mobile app size by converting resources to WebP.

We store your images safely to S3 Amazon and B2 Backblaze for our own use while taking daily backups for maximum security. We also provide secure integrations using your own S3 Buckets which is a feature that is available on paid plans.

Yes, you can request a backup of your online content via contacting our support team. We will create a snapshot (tar.gz) and upload it to your own cloud space at your disposal.

We believe our service makes internet a better place. You most certainly can convert images to webp while on free plan. We will be proud to have your images served in webp paid or non-paid.

Our plan limits (both free and paid) having soft limitations. If you exceed them we will send you a notification and suggest that you need to upgrade to a plan that bests suits your needs. Extra Image Optimization Credits will be charged according to Starter Pricing plan. We show every sympathy for overuse, in fact we actually encourage it, but we don't show zero tolerance in abuse.

You may change your plan anytime as you please. Upgrade or downgrade according to your needs.

Our business model is based on Image Optimization Credits. When you request an image from our service it counts as an Image Optimization Credit. Then it is cached to the closest Server of our Content Delivery Network and it will be served without additional charges.

We will only charge you what you need to resize & optimize. Nothing more.

Yes, all plans comes with 1.000 monthly Image Optimization Credits No credit card required. We do have lots of customers with 5 small websites on the Free Tier.

Integration comes out of the box. All you need to do is change the domain name that you load your images. We provide you with a CloudSpace URL which will work as a Pull Origin CDN for your Website.
For example:

While most CDN / Image Services charge by bandwidth, our business model is based on image Image Optimization Credits.
For example if you resize one image 1000 times a day location it counts as 1 Image Optimization Credit. From our experience customers that uses 100k transformation on a monthly basis is approximately ~50-60GB of bandwidth having ~2m images served.

Yes, we have an agnostic integration type using 100% White label Solution. Take a look at the Docs on how to integrate section, or follow the installation wizard on our Dashboard