imghaste vs cloudinary

A Side to side comparison between imghaste CDN & Cloudinary – The older player in the niche

Cloudinary was (if not the #1) one of the first startups to establish an image resizer service.

Truth to be told, cloudinary was a huge inspiration for the developers of imghaste.

We’ve always admired how their system works, how it scales both technically and business wise.

We were also customers of cloudinary back in the day before we decided to build imghaste.

As the years passed we came across several requirements (such as service workers, client hints, auto-formatting) that we couldn’t address using cloudinary.

Having a huge experience integrating such a service, we aimed for a zero-config service that will be capable of meeting both our requirements plus the requirements of the modern browsers.

Therefore, in a strange way, it contributed to the creation of imghaste. At first we needed a core service that will act as an alternative to cloudinary. And so we created an internal tool called images. (I know, very unique name :D)

Few years later, we decided to pack the whole thing up, translate it to English language and launch it globally.

We still believe cloudinary is one of the top products out there.

Core Featuresimghastecloudinary
Platform Agnostic
Active Monitoring
Service Status Page
Disaster Recovery Plan
Real Time Fallback
Real Time Image Backups
Revision Tracking
Image Searching
Custom Domain
SSL Management
Resizer Engineimghastecloudinary
AVIF Support
WebP Support
Interlaced PNG
Progressive JPEG
Supports Client Hints
Manual Resize
Automatic Resize
Video editing
CDN Featuresimghastecloudinary
Peers with Global Networks53
Total Edge Servers> 600~280
CSS files
Javascript Files
Multi CDN
Enterprise grade Infrastructure
Additional Featuresimghastecloudinary
Progressive Web App
Service Worker Management
White label for b2c
White label for b2b
Ability to cache images for 365 days
Free Tier1.000 credits25k transformations
$89/m Tier800GB traffic225GB traffic
When we first created imghaste billing, we calculated that 1000 credits is about 32k transformations