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Your Website As a CDN Fallback in case of Network Failure Results

Feature Description

As of today, we are opening yet another enterprise feature for all customers. A unique feature that will use your Origin server as a fallback in case of a network error.

As soon as a user timeout happens the service worker will re-try your assets from your origin server.

The feature comes in handy on further improving the user experience to Visitors with low-end Internet Connections or poor reception.

Why is this important?

Whether we like it or not, network fails. That’s a fact.

Even if it is a very rare occasion and hardly ever happening, when you monitor your requests you will only find out that timeouts are happening, most of the time it is due to Users’ poor network connections, Wi-Fi Interruptions, low quality gear, poor reception on cellphones / tablets etc.

Furthermore there are also global issues with Internet Service providers. Since our product launch, we have troubleshooted quite a few Providers all over the world who – from time to time – are experiencing major or minor outages when it comes to traffic overseas.

Cloudflare has published a relative article in regard of bandwidth costs on which they explain thoroughly how some Internet Service Providers abuse networking for their Countries.

Network Controller

Every webmaster is fine with the idea that there is nothing to be done in case of clients’ poor network connection. Although… with IMGHaste you are now able to gain some additional control on your visitors and how their networking works.

In addition, soon you will be able to setup your own Caching / Networking strategies for your assets our Service Worker controls.

Feature results

We’ve already managed to to reduce the average networking errors on a daily basis. Especially for users of the aforementioned ISPs.

As well as we managed to tackle the miss-configured Firewalls & Intrusion Detection systems of our clients.

The core feature has also increased the custom SLA for enterprise customers and will also increase SLA for all of our customers no matter their usage.

The One Million $$$ question

Will My Web Server act as your Edge server?

Ofcourse not 🙂 No at all, we will not serve you or other customers’ assets from your web-server 🙂

The only case to serve images from your origin server is in case of network failure / user timeouts. Your traffic should not be affected at all. Have you ever tried an image on imghaste and it didn’t load? well… we haven’t either but our logs says otherwise. So for those ~0.00x% requests, especially coming from the aforementioned ISPs & Countries we will use your server as an origin server in very rare occasions and only if as a re-try measure.

Who knows? A retry might have a better chance of success.