Always pull the original image

Always pull the original image Results

Given that imghaste is a – platform agnostic – framework for image optimizations that is capable of working on every website as long as there is https in place.

After leveraging Service Workers & Clients Hints, it is also important that we do some micro-optimizations on the origin/website side.

One of the most popular ways to reduce bandwidth spent is to always fetch the original image from the Server(s).

Some platforms already doing that for their customers, such as WordPress, mod_pagespeed for nginx or apache, Litespeed, OpenCart and many other similar solutions.

So, why is it so important to always pull the original image?

As shown in the following images, screen resolutions are a quite a lot those days, and they will only keep growing as new vendors release new cell-phones.

Meanwhile your theme or platform will stay the same without a software like imghaste to perform your dynamic resizing using personalized options for your real visitors.

All Statistics of screen resolutions
Mobile statistics of screen resolutions

That being said, it is really important your original images to remain intact.

Image Taken from w3codemasters

So that imghaste will be capable of crafting a new optimized version for the newly cell-phone launched on the global market.

Take for example iPhone X.

When this was launched most of the websites weren’t (still aren’t) ready to properly display images in this device.

Hence, we had (still having) – the famous “Blurred images Phenomenon” on high end devices.

ModelRendering WidthRendering HeightRetina Factor
IPhone X112524363
iPhone XS Max124226883
iPhone 875013342

And I won’t even mention iPads here =)

Any other benefits using this approach?

Well, for sure, beside the fact that you will be able to keep your original images intact.

  • You will keep your cache hit ratios to the highest possible.
  • Your origin server(s) will reduce the CPU requirements.

In addition, keep in mind that, the human factor, is always the most expensive resource.

So, taking out the manual work, is more important that those techie stuff =)


At imghaste we do believe that you need to keep your original images for yourself.

This way, you are safe, when a vendor launches a High end devices that will be adopted by the global market.

Furthermore, you will be benefitted from the Client Hints to properly resize and serve the best possible image to all your visitors.

So the question you need to ask yourself

Do you really wish to present Blurry images on your ecommerce store to a customer audience that paid $$$$ to buy a high end cellphone?

Well if not, perhaps you are a suitable customer for imghaste =)