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This plan is a unique deal and available for limited time only. You can enjoy all features of IMGHaste in a premium annual price. Its ideal for website owners and administrators.

IMGHaste offers a 100% white label solution without rewriting your images URLs. It provides an optimal personalised image optimisation service by respecting user's client hints. IMGHaste don't change your images URLs. In this way your images counts as content of yours to search engines, increasing your ranking score.

Plan Resources Plan Resources
  • 12.000 Image Optimisation Credits
  • 100GB IMGHaste CDN Bandwidth
  • 10GB Storage
  • ∞ websites

Plan Features Plan Features
  • No images URL rewrite
  • 100% White Label at Your Own Domain
  • Global CDN (among them is Cloudflare, Cloudfront (AWS) and more)
  • 30 days Caching TTL on Images
  • Wordpress Plugin
  • Images Disaster Recovery Backup
  • Respect Client Hints
  • Pro Image Optimizations in Real-time
  • WebP Support and WebP Support With Backwards Compatibility
  • Interlaced PNG and Progressive JPEGs
  • Auto-adjust Image compression on Slow internet Overlays and Greyscale Connections

Plan Integrated Options Plan Integrated Options
  • Slim CSS (estimate optimal CSS per page)
  • Cache static assets (css, js & fonts) to our CDN
  • Overlays and Greyscale
  • Watermarking
  • Smart Crop with Smart Center ID
  • Overlays and Greyscale

You can stack up to 5 plans on a single account in order to multiple your montly resouces

Plan Requirements
  • websites must have SSL (https)
  • Websites must be Service Worker Free

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How it Works

Starter Annual

  • Offer Price: $59
  • Credits: 12000 per month
  • Traffic: 100GB per month
  • TTL: 30 days
  • Websites:
  • Duration: 12 months
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