IMGHaste Case Studies Results

ThePressProject was maybe the interesting case study we ever had to deal with, we had the chance to work in a very pressing environment due to its enormous amount of data.

At first easily managed to perform the usual Image Size Reduction as well as SuperCharging the overall speed of tpp Website over our Global Content Delivery Network.

Everything was rolling out smoothly and we were all happy about it. Until one day their Web Server went down and their Backup file was 500GB gzipped.

We were informed about the incident through our Passive Health Monitoring almost immediately due to their server downtime.

Thankfully we were all active at the time and we initiated our famous Disaster Recovery Plan

Actions taken:
1) Setup the Database on a spare machine with the most recent backup.
2) Pull codebase from git repository
3) Switched IMGHaste to pull images from our Backup Cloud Space

Website was up and running in less than 2 hours with the most recent image material.4) Initiate the full restoration process which lasted 3 working days.

And that was an absolutely stunning experience for all of us.
ThePressProject team had all the time in the world to prepare their restoration process the right way, without pressure or bad user experiences.

Our backup was able to capture the newest content that has been uploaded the last 6 months.

We had some issues with very old articles but the 99% of the users could not realize something was wrong.

At the heat of the moment we couldn’t really realize what we had achieved, but when the smoke has gone down we actually saw how IMGHaste saved the day.

The Backup archive took 33 hours to unzip and properly installed to a new machine, while the full restoration process took 3 days.

There are businesses that may suffer a huge revenue loss from a possible downtime like this. IMGHaste is not here to cover the networks issues, but in case of a disaster we can certainly buy you valuable time so you can work with a piece of mind.

CEO of ThePressProject was amazed on how imghaste enabled their team to recover on such a possible loss.

“I never believed it would work but numbers don’t lie.”