IMGHaste Case Studies Results

Paratiritis news is a local news website with a lot of daily readers. We’ve been tasked to review their website and how it works in terms of Images, Asset Management etc.

We found out that they had a feature rich Image Management Software.

The problem was that their system was the I/O blocking.

The Image Resizing process was taking far too long for real time processing. And this was also a single thread application.

After a brainstorming with their team we decided to implement our Service Worker as their Image Optimization Service.

Their Development team could not believe that including an one line (700 byte) of javascript can migrate their images to the cloud.

Thanos, CEO of Thrakis Paratiritis
Was very happy with the new system stability.

“Before imghaste we used to experience downtime every 2 days due to high server loads. This is highly recommended.”