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Hostchefs Mobile Before
We found ourselves in a delightful mood yesterday, after having successfully integrated website with imghaste service to find out that we exceeded our initial expectations and predictions by far.

The projection was to reduce the image size by from 1.36MB to 389KB approximately ~70% reduction for the desktop user experience while mobile consumers were about to receive a ~66% reduction in size from 1.08MB to 347KB.

Managing Director of HostChefs sent me an email personally mentioning that he was very pleased with the results as he was amazed with the results himself. Hostchefs' team managed to successfully perform all best practices that our webservice dictates in no time and that he can finally see his company logo in good quality.

HostChefs Managing Director - Stathis Anastasiadis quoted among others: "We couldn't believe that we could achieve such a compression rate so effortlessly. We will soon begin migrating most of our customers to imghaste."

We were pretty amazed ourselves from the outcome of their team.
We didn't expect that they can achieve a 97% image size reduction on best case scenarios.

Kudos to HostChefs team,

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