IMGHaste Case Studies Results

We found ourselves against a challenge where our newly introduced customer had the best dedicated server money can buy.
Yet his infrastructure was failing when exceeding 500 concurrent users on his website.

He couldn’t send out a newsletter or a Push Notification with his fresh content just because his Web Server was failing constantly.

Our new customer didn’t have a dedicated inhouse team so we took it very personally this one. We started by migrating his images to the Cloud and of course meanwhile perform our Image Optimizations wherever we could apply.

We covered his 500 GB Daily Bandwidth by using our resilient Global CDN like it was a piece of cake 🙂

Furthermore customer asked us if we can do any further optimizations while willing to to buy whatever else we can sell to him.

Well, We don’t sell anything else, yet we re-created few of his Advertising Banners in order to be mobile friendly.


Mobile Friendly:

Combination of both web and mobile web. Try to resize this window and see it in action:


IMGHaste lets you treat desktop & mobile images differently. Now the web designer can take advantage of orientation easily.