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Online tools for webmasters

We are proud to announce two open tools for webmasters that can make your life easier and improve your rankings easily. Image Optimizer & Image Converter.

Free Image optimizer uses an efficient combination of the best lossy compression algorithms to reduce image size as much as possible without affecting the quality level. Most eyes won’t be able to tell the difference.

Format Converter working on the same principal, will convert your images into a suitable format your website need. Especially useful in case you need to convert your images into webp.

Use Cases


Maybe one of the most trending upgrade everybody wishes to do in order to increase their speed performance, improve their website user experience and be favored by search engines. In fact, when google pagespeed insights reports that an image having potential savings8KB, it has converted your BMP, JPEG, PNG images into WebP and checks for the size different. If this difference is more than 8KB it gets reported by Lighthouse.


For the people who don’t care much about speed of light when users load their website, but they do care about having consistency on their files and save a few KB of bandwidth. PNG was hype for a little while over web, but then JPEG re-established its number #1 position in the image formats.

Also, don’t forget, you can always sign up for a free account at and have up to 25.000 monthly transformations those tools ready with a simple addition in your URL scheme.

Android Apps

Are you interested in making your android application lighter? Convert your assets into WebP and gain a progressive bundle size reduction. Easy as that. Then use the webp Transformation for all assets coming from your API for real time transformations, sit back and enjoy your mobile app load faster.

URL Inline Example

<!-- WebP: -->
<img src='' alt='convert to webP'/>
<!-- JPG: -->
<img src='' alt='convert to jpeg'/>
<!-- PNG: -->
<img src='' alt='convert to png'/>

Resolving issues on pagespeed insights:

Serve Images in Next-Gen Formats